Highly qualified Roofer in Exeter

When it comes to roofing, it is essential to ensure you have a reliable and professional roofing service. With years of experience providing new roofing, flat roofing, and quality materials, our team of experienced professionals at Ayre Roofing can provide the utmost level of care for your roof. We understand that no two roofs are alike and therefore take time to assess every individual job before providing a customized solution.

We know that there are times when the weather does not always cooperate with your plans and so our roofing service team has the skills to tackle any situation quickly and efficiently. Ayre Roofing only use only quality materials that meet or exceed industry standards, ensuring your new roof will last for many years to come.

Our team of professionals is available to provide a full roofing service, from installation and repairs right through to maintenance. All of our work is fully insured and we guarantee customer satisfaction with every job we complete.

So, if you're looking for reliable professional roofing services - look no further than us! Our team of experienced professionals are here to provide the highest quality workmanship and materials so that you can be sure your roof is in the best hands. Let us help you get the perfect new roof for your property today.

We also offer a satisfaction guarantee, so if something doesn't go as planned contact our team and we will do whatever it takes to ensure that you are happy with the results of the job. With our team of experts, you can rest assured that your roof is in safe hands. Contact us today to find out more about our roofing service in Exeter and get a free quote for your project!

Winter roof repairs in Exeter

Winter roof repairs in Exeter can be a daunting task, especially when faced with extreme weather conditions. Exeter's coastal climate and the fluctuating temperatures between months can make it challenging to keep roofs in perfect condition. Fortunately, Exeter residents have access to qualified roofing professionals who are equipped to handle any roofing repair needs that may arise during the winter season.

Roofs take a beating in Exeter's icy and wet winter months, making it important for Exeter homeowners to have their roofs inspected regularly and professionally maintained. Ice dams can form on poorly insulated roofs and cause water damage in the attic, while heavy snowfall can cause shingle damage or even collapse gutters. Wind-driven rain from storms can also lead to leaks, staining or mould formation inside the home. It's essential for Exeter homeowners to inspect their roofs for any signs of damage after a bout of bad weather. Inspections should include checking for loose shingles or tiles, as well as checking for gaps around vents or chimneys that may let water seep into the house.

For Exeter homeowners looking for professional help with their winter roof repairs, Ayre roofing specialize in this kind of work. We are experts and come equipped with safety equipment and specialized tools required to get the job done right. They will inspect your roof thoroughly before they start any repairs and provide you with an estimate of what they expect the repairs would cost. Most often these contractors will use high quality materials like metal flashing and rubber membranes around areas prone to leaks or ice dams so that your Exeter home stays safe during the worst weather conditions.

When it comes time to hire a contractor for winter roof repairs in Exeter, it is essential to do research beforehand and hire someone who has experience working in this particular area. Look up customer reviews online, speak with friends who have used certain contractors before, and ask around locally about reputable companies who specialize in Exeter’s winter weather conditions.

Winter roof repairs are an important part of home maintenance in Exeter's ever-changing coastal climate throughout the year - especially during its coldest months when everything else seems frozen solid! Hiring a local expert contractor is certainly not cheap by any means but investing in a professional inspection and repair service now could save you thousands down the road if ice dams or other severe weather events occur later on down the line! Taking these steps now will ensure that your Exeter home is ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at it this winter, so call Ayre roofing today for a free quotation on your Roof repair in Exeter.

How to Repair a Leaking Flat Roof

Having a leaking flat roof can be a stressful experience, especially if you’re not sure how to fix it. Fortunately, it’s possible to repair a leaking flat roof without having to replace the entire thing. Before you begin, it’s important to identify the cause of the leak and take preventative measures against future leaks. Read on for more information about repairing a leaking flat roof.

Identifying the Cause of the Leak The first step in repairing your leaking flat roof is determining what caused it in the first place. There could be several reasons why your roof is leaking, such as damage from wind or hail, broken flashing, or aging sealant. It’s important to identify the cause before attempting any repairs so that you can address the problem properly and avoid future leaks. Repairing Cracks and Holes If your flat roof has cracks or holes in it, then you will need to repair them before proceeding with anything else. You can do this by cleaning out any debris that may have collected in the crack or hole and applying an elastomeric sealant or patching material. Be sure that the material is designed specifically for use on roofs, as other types of sealants won’t be effective. Sealing Around Flashing Areas Flashing areas are another common source of leaks on flat roofs. To prevent further damage from occurring, it’s important to make sure these areas are sealed properly. Start by cleaning off any dirt and debris from around the flashing area and then apply an elastomeric sealant to fill in any gaps or cracks around the flashing area itself. This will help ensure that water does not penetrate through these areas again in the future.

No matter what type of roof you have, keeping it well-maintained is essential for preventing costly repairs down the road. When it comes to repairing a leaking flat roof, identifying and addressing the source of the leak quickly can help you avoid major damage in the long run—and save you both time and money! With proper maintenance and care, your flat roof should stay strong and reliable for years to come. Call Ayre roofing to replace or repair flat roofs in Exeter.

Winter And The Roof!

Now that it's starting to get colder again and getting closer to winter, the change in the weather means the likelihood of wet weather and snow is higher, so we have to keep an eye on our roofs. Snow can affect any roof, whether it be flat or pitched (although the latter is less likely, if the roof is damaged or old it can also be affected). If snow settles on a roof it can cause a few issues, such as expanding and damaging tiles, as well as melting and causing excess water. This can then leak through and cause damage to the roof space below, so it is important to try and clear the snow as soon as you can.

At Ayre roofing we understand what a professional roofer should do, as we undertake careful inspections to prevent any damage from occurring and to limit any prevent issues from growing. We will also check your roofline to make sure the gutters are clear from any ice or debris, to limit the chances of any obstructions, keeping your property and the roof safe and secure. Call us today for all Flat roofing repairs in Exeter.

Should You Get A New Roof In The Summer?

Choosing the right time to get a new roof replacement can be difficult, as our weather can be quite unpredictable. Generally, the warmer months can have benefits due to having less risks with roofing materials. When it is cold the material can be brittle and difficult to work with. By waiting until the weather is milder it can boost the ease of installation, particularly as icy, cold weather can lead to the materials becoming damp and unable to be used. This can also create cracks which leads to more damage. So, by getting your roof fitted in the summer you are less likely to have these issues.

Having delays during the warmer months is unlikely, as it is usually the weather that causes this. This means there’ll be time efficiency and the project will go a lot smoother with a faster completion time. The roof being worked on during the summer means it will be ready for the colder months, so you can be assured your home will be warm and dry, ready for the wet and windy weather that can cause heat loss and energy wastage. This can occur when the roof has damage, letting the heat out and wasting money overall.

Make sure you have your roof checked regularly, particularly if you think there may be an issue. For instance, if you notice damp or mould appearing or light is coming through in the roof space, or the flashing is affected along with missing tiles, then you should get a professional to take a look. Call Ayre roofing for an assessment on the condition of your present roof and a free quote on New roofing in Exeter.

Do I Need My Chimney Repaired?

When it comes to our roof, we don't really think about the chimney, but it is important. If a chimney stack is damaged due to the elements or simply old age, we often have visible clues, such as mortar joints weakening and eroding. If brickwork is missing any parts or starting to crumble, this should be sorted as soon as possible. Any openings or cracks can be a worry, due to water potentially freezing inside them during the cold months. If this happens it can cause expansion and if your chimney is wearing away it will need urgent work.

If you find any brown marks this could indicate damp issues, potentially caused by leaking gutters or damaged flashings, which has caused issues within the brick pointing. This means the rooms underneath could be susceptible to the damp, therefore causing mould and mildew within the timber. If you also find that your home is often cold with draughts, this could mean the chimney pot is crooked or even missing. An issue with the chimney could cause debris to fall down, causing damage to the room below.

If you notice any rust forming, this suggests that there is rain seeping through cracks, leading to potential flue damage. Roof and chimney repairs will likely be needed, to keep things protected, such as a new flue liner to keep both the insulation and masonry intact. One more obvious sign of a chimney issue is a lean. If a chimney is old is can be common to have a small lean, but it can mean the joints need assessing to check the stability. You may need to have it rebuilt to ensure the safety and security of your home. Call Ayre roofing for any Chimney repairs and Lead Roofing in Exeter.

Roof-Friendly Christmas Tips

Christmas time will be here very soon and many people are putting up their exterior decorations! However one thing you may not think about, is the potential damage they can actually have on your roof. There are ways to limit the risk of this happening. For instance, don’t use points on the roof that aren’t weight baring or use shingles to hang lights from.

If you need to go on to your roof then you must be very careful. Heavy traffic on roofs (particularly pitched roofs) can cause damage and the risk of crushing the tiles. Using a ladder can help, though you must have the right height for it to be safe. It is important that you don’t overstretch to try and reach, as you can fall. You also have the risk of leaning on the roof, which can cause damage if weight is put on one area. Remember to make sure someone is helping by holding the ladder to keep you safe.

When you go to take the lights down after Christmas, make sure you take care. You shouldn’t just force them down, as ripping the string away can damage tiles, move shingles away and even rip wooden bits out of the roof. Unfortunately damage can happen, so you need to get a professional to give the roof a check over and solve any issues that may have occurred that could cause bigger issues in the future. Call us for all Roofing Services in Exeter.

The Benefits Of Cladding

In the building world, cladding is done by coating a construction material with a separate one in order to create a protective layer relating to something functional, visually pleasing or a safety aspect. Materials used in cladding have several options, such as plastic, wood, metal or imitation stone.

Cladding is used during construction due to the protection it can give to a property. It helps to improve durability and defence against bad weather such as rain and hot weather. Properties that include cladding, have more defence against cracks that are created from temperature fluctuations, damp, heat and pollution. Cladding can also protect against mould too.

A benefit of using cladding is it lowers the need for maintenance. A surface that has been painted will generally need to be cleaned and repaired often, whereas usually cladding only needs a wash to keep it looking visually neat and clean. It doesn’t matter what material is used to have low maintenance, the durability helps to keep it resilient and defensive. You could use aluminium cladding, which is used for roofs and canopies, or vinyl material that only needs the odd power wash to keep it clean. If it ever needs replacing, it is easy to measure and fit. Brick and stone cladding is great for lowering maintenance but it can be pricey initially.

Cladding is generally a practical choice but it can be an option on an aesthetic level. Cladding can change the look of a property, improving the features and potentially raising the value. By choosing a visually appealing material, you can give your house the practical boost it needs. Call today for a free visit and quotation on all cladding and Flat roofing in Exeter.

The Benefits of a Velux Window

There are many advantages to having Velux windows. For instance, installing a Velux window can help to boost circulation of the air. The letters ‘VE’ in Velux means ‘ventilation’. The interior of your property will feel a lot fresher, with the crisper air. If you improve the circulation of the air, it will help decrease the probability of condensation, which can cause damp and therefore mould and mildew.

In Latin, the letters ‘LUX’ mean light. Velux windows have narrow frames which help sunlight to come through. This is preferred to light that is artificial, as it can raise moods and help boost mental health, as well as physical.

Velux windows are visually pleasing, with many options for design and aesthetics. They can help to boost the overall look of the home. The sunlight coming in will help the space feel larger and more roomy. The extra sunlight sneaking in means you don’t have to put the lights on so much. This means your electricity bills will be lower, therefore making it less costly and gives a financial boost. Velux windows are great at keeping in the warmth in the winter, meaning your heating bills will be less expensive and your family and property will stay warm and safe. Call us for all Velux windows and Roofing in Exeter.

Which Roofing System Should You Choose?

Commercially, certain materials are more favoured than others with roofs. Most go for the material that is weather resistant and strong, with longevity. Metal is a common material used due to these factors, as well as being cheaper and simple to fit. Metals used are generally aluminium or steel.

Another material known for being strong, as well as being UV, heat and fire-resistant is thermoplastic roofing. It is also pliable and resistant against weather, being able to fight against heavy winds, as well as lasting for 20 years minimum.

EPDM roofing is even more robust than thermoplastic, considering EPDM is made from rubber that is synthetic. This is also simple to repair, fit and take care of.

PVC roofs are thought to be the most hard-wearing materials in the UK. They have fire-retardant ability, meaning they can stop fires from spreading, as well as being strong and sturdy.

If you want something more eco-friendly, then a green roof is a good choice. They are flat and covered in greenery. This plant life absorbs the heat from the sunlight, as well as keeping the roof and property protected. They are nice to look at in an aesthetic sense too, which is a bonus! Call Ayre roofing for EPDM flat roofing in Exeter.

Why You Should Regularly Check Your Roofline

Do you ever wonder how a water resistant roof is attained and kept that way? It’s due to taking care of the roofline, something that isn’t just for show. A roofline is the gutters, soffits and fascias of a house, which can be a layer of protection against bad weather, as they help control rain flow and keep your house dry and safe.

Any damage can affect not only the exterior, but the interior too. For instance, damp, mildew, and damaged plaster. If these aren’t fixed, the issues can get worst and be disastrous. So by having regular checks, you will ensure your house and roofline is secured.

A regularly maintained roofline can raise the value of the house, as potential buyers will see your home is looked after, making it more likely they’ll invest in it. You’ll also find that from taking care of the roofline, it’s less likely you’ll need to replace the roof, therefore saving money on the long run.

The closer it gets to the summer, the better the time to replace or fix the roofline. It’ll be easier for the work to be done with less weather fluctuations, and it’ll ensure your home is kept safe and warm, in time for the colder months. If you require any new roofline products or require a Roofing Service in Exeter, call Ayre roofing.

Signs of Roof Damage

Usually one of the more obvious signs of a roof being damaged are leaks and damp spots, usually in corners of the room along with mould and a musty smell, particularly if it’s been there for a while. Sometimes the leak may be subtle and isn’t noticed straight away, particularly if it’s an older build. This can be linked with any moss that may gather over time and create damage and spots where water can come through.

Occasionally a reason for a leak is if the roof tiles are cracked or have moved. This can be from being worn or be affected by the weather, such as a storm. However tiles that have become misshapen will normally need replacing by a professional.

You may find that light comes through the roof if there are any cracks, or if a tile needs replacing. A way to tell is to go to the highest point of your home, such as the loft, and switching of the light. If light comes through, like above, it is best to get a professional to check. Having an examination done often will reduce any worries you may have. If you need help with a roof repair in Exeter then call Ayre Roofing.

Inspect your roof

A yearly inspection of your roof is advisable, as well as after severe weather, and before the winter sets in. Finding problems earlier, rather than later, can mean that they can be fixed before the problem worsens and becomes expensive to fix.

By looking in the loft or using binoculars from the ground, you can spot any problems, such as missing tiles. If you suspect there are problems it may be wise to hire a professional to carry out a detailed inspection.

Look out for the following when inspecting your roof:
1. Missing, dislodged or cracked tiles
2. Mortar that is damaged around the chimney
3. Blocked or broken gutters and downspouts
4. Overload of algae or moss
5. Rusty spots on flashing and rusty nails in tiles

Roofing needed to sustain the UK’s increasing harsh weather conditions

Having a pitched roof constructed is the primary means of protecting your home or building from the UK’s elements. Heatwaves, unusual snowfall, flooding, droughts and severe gales are all looking more likely to increase in the future due to climate change.

If using roof tiles, it is very important to use good quality ones which are frost, wind and rain resistant and to check that the correct installation standards are being followed. Thus, your roof tiles, as well as associated products and systems, should withstand the UK climate and stay durable and watertight. Call Ayre roofing for all your roofing in Exeter.

ROOFCERT Accreditation Programme

The roofing industry has been under scrutiny in recent years with fundamental changes to improve the quality and safety of buildings, as well as attempting to encourage a new generation of workers into the industry.

Despite the plethora of experienced roofing contractors like Ayre Roofing who deliver quality work day in and day out, there are many other under qualified and inexperienced people setting themselves up in business and damaging the reputation of the industry.

To combat this, ROOFCERT Accreditation will certify a contractor’s competency to carry out work and will help to create a more formal process and a clearer path into the industry, professionalising roofing.

Quality tradespeople like Chris and the Ayre Roofing team rely on positive customer referrals and reviews as well as accreditations like ROOFCERT to be able to contend in the industry.

To support professional, local tradespeople in Exeter, get in touch with Ayre Roofing Contractors.

Ayre Roofing Contractors can supply and install Fascias, soffits and gutters to homes and businesses in and around the Exeter postcode areas, just call for a free visit and quotation.

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