ROOFCERT Accreditation Programme

The roofing industry has been under scrutiny in recent years with fundamental changes to improve the quality and safety of buildings, as well as attempting to encourage a new generation of workers into the industry.

Despite the plethora of experienced roofing contractors like Ayre Roofing who deliver quality work day in and day out, there are many other under qualified and inexperienced people setting themselves up in business and damaging the reputation of the industry.

To combat this, ROOFCERT Accreditation will certify a contractor’s competency to carry out work and will help to create a more formal process and a clearer path into the industry, professionalising roofing.

Quality tradespeople like Chris and the Ayre Roofing team rely on positive customer referrals and reviews as well as accreditations like ROOFCERT to be able to contend in the industry.

To support professional, local tradespeople in Exeter, get in touch with Ayre Roofing Contractors.

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